Calendar of Events and Individual Results

NoDate/TitleOrganiser(s)Telephone Number(s)MapsStart RefStart Venue/Results
12nd October 2002
12 Car
Matthew Atkinson07970 264094 (M)
01482 876400 (H)
100C and 106C835568Results
231st October 2002
Trick or Treat 12 Car
Ian Gibbins01482 864092 (H)106C967408Results
321st November 2002
12 Car
Mike Petch01482 446539 (H)
01482 562191 (W)
419th December 2002
Gav & Oggys 12 Car
Mike Ogram01482 213917 (W)107077422Results
516th January 2003
Spectrum 12 Car
Tim Rodgers07787 538524 (M)107203350Results
66th February 2003
Curtis Memorial
Carl Briggs01482 354045 (H)100C179556315Results
720th February 2003
Rodger Cunningham01430 448467 (H)106C74505015Results
813th March 2003
Matt Blood07715 005390 (M)101D07756200Results
92nd April 2003
John Dimbleby01673 818766 (H)112C1936077Results

All events run on a Thursday, have signing on at 7:30pm, and the first car leaves at 8:01pm, unless specified otherwise.

Main Championship


1John Cunningham51(1)265OM19
2Jon Vine253M(2)5M318
3Chris Dunn1(1)523MM516
4Andy BeaumontM41M6M415
5Phil Burton3M6MM9
6John Dimbleby6MMO6
7Dave CunninghamMMM55
-Deg Burton6634625
-Sam Bennett24M2412
-John Cottam41611
-Andrew Howden41128
-Phil Beilby66
-Matt Blood5O5
-Len Fowkes55
-Colin Barker44
-John Savage44
-John Cottam33
-Richard BurleyM33
-Dave Bennett33
-John Paget33
-Paul King123
-Philip Woodcock11
-Ian KirkM11
-Trevor Leathley11
-Simon Grattan11
-? Parker11


1Graham GardnerM666(3)4M6M28
2Rodger Cunningham5(1)(1)265O5M23
3Tom Adamson253M(2)5M318
4Mark Edwards1(1)523MM516
5Pete Bennett2MM248
6David Dimbleby6MMO6
7Andy BeaumontMM5M5
8Jon Vine4MM4
-Bill Parkin413614
-Matt Blood316O414
-David Wilson5611
-Angela Cammish41128
-Ian Beech347
-Paul Rhodes44
-Dave Bennett44
-Matthew Hesslewood33
-Sam Bennett3M3
-Richard Lilley123
-Adrian Woodcock11
-Droac ?11
-Mike LundM11
-Meredith Combs11
-Matthew Dent11

Expert Championship


1Richard WaltonM6466M6(2)28
2Danny Robinson(4)M65M65527
3Gav Smith655M(4)55M26
4Howard Everingham5MM454(4)(4)624
5Andy BeaumontMM3M3
5Phil BurtonMMM33
-Geoff Allison66
-John Savage44


1Matthew AtkinsonO6466MM6(2)28
2Ian Gibbins(4)O65M665(5)28
3Mike Petch5MO454(4)(4)624
-Mike Ogram655O45(3)(4)25
-Iain Tullie55
-Graeme Potter33

Competitors printed in bold have completed enough marshalling, organising or training. Those with no position listed do not qualify for the championship. Scores in brackets are those which have been dropped.