Calendar of Events and Individual Results

NoDate/TitleOrganiser(s)Telephone Number(s)MapsStart RefStart Venue/Results
117th January 2008
Pete Anable Rally
Roger Stoneley01482 210605(H)
07795 607588(M)
106, 10701904995Results
231st January 2008
Sargent Electrical Rally
John Turnbull01964 625671 (H)
07846 190108 (M)
321st February 2008
Spectrum Rally
Andy Stewart07770 934113 (M)106699302Results
46th March 2008
Buccaneer Rally
Mike Petch01482 446539 (H)
01482 562191 (W)
100, 106800474Results
520th March 2008
Curtis Memorial Rally
John Thornton106716345Results
61st October 2008
Grovehill Rally
Ian Gibbins01482 864092 (H)100, 101919597Results
730th October 2008
Westwood Rally
Matthew Atkinson07970 264094 (M)
01482 876400 (H)
84th December 2008
Cottingham MOT Centre Rally
Mike Ogram01482 213917 (W)100, 101, 106776716Results
98th January 2009
JMJ Woodworking Rally
Mark Edwards07813 182123 113296956Results

All events run on a Thursday, have signing on at 7:30pm, and the first car leaves at 8:01pm, unless specified otherwise.

Main Championship


1Rob Brook66443MM23
2Andy StewartM6O654M21
3Danny RobinsonMM51536M20
4Clint Eade51MM6M618
5Jon VineMM53M8
6Ian Gibbins6OM6
6Phil BurtonMM66
8Ben Blanchard4MM4
9Andy BeaumontMM1M1MOM2
9Mark Cresswell11MM2
-Chris Marsh3534M116
-Andy Smallwood2321(1)614
-Phil Aldridge16613
-Ralph Jackson143O8
-John TurnbullO426
-Deg Burton55
-Pat McManus2125
-Andrew Burns111115
-Dan Sykes22
-Jonathan Williams22
-Joe Girling11


1Roger StoneleyO6M565426
2John Brook66443MM23
3Stef PlattsMM51536M20
4John Thornton143OM8
5Andy StewartMO6M6
6Ben BlanchardM1M1
-John Turnbull4O365624
-Sam Youngson35341(1)M16
-Martin Woodhouse2321(1)614
-Alex Lee16613
-Paul Kilvington66
-Shane Frood516
-James BourneM426
-Steve McManus2125
-Jake Burns111115
-Ian Webster22
-James Marshall22
-Steve Cresswell11
-Chris Harrison11
-Henrietta Frazer-Burns11

Expert Championship


1Phil Burton6566M(5)M629
2Gav Smith5(4)(4)M566M628
3James Duke4M44(4)56M23
4Ian Gibbins3OM3
-Pete Smith56M617
-Deg Burton66
-Andy Smallwood66
-Guy Smith55


1Mike Ogram6566M(5)O629
2Mike Petch5(4)(4)O566M628
2Ian Gibbins(3)556OM6628
4Mark Edwards46M4(4)(4)56O25

Competitors printed in bold have completed enough marshalling, organising or training. Those with no position listed do not qualify for the championship. Scores in brackets are those which have been dropped.