Sunday 4th July 2004

Melbourne Airfield

Single Venue Stage Rally

The Armstrong Massey Rally 2004 is a single venue stage rally on Melbourne Airfield, near York.

The event comprises around 8 stages of about 6½ miles each on a mixture of loose and broken surfaces on this former airfield site.

The primary source of information for this event is this website. The regulations on here are definitive, and all documentation for the event is published here before it paper copies are produced.

This event is one of the very few (perhaps even the only) events which takes entries directly from the website. Whilst we do still accept paper Entry Forms, most competitors these days choose this modern method. This allows us to acknowledge almost all entries within a few hours, and to display an up to date list of entries received. The link to the Online Entry Form will be displayed below on the date shown.

Additionally, this event has Online Results during the event, both for the benefit of supporters watching from home, but also so that the results are available to you as soon as you return. Again, paper copies will be posted to those who request them.


Competitor Announcements

Jonathan Turnbull is looking for a drive on the Armstrong Massey. He can be contacted on 01943 862836 or email

Forthcoming Documents & Release Dates

PDF Documents (better for printing)

Some people may find the web pages above difficult to print. To help with this, we have provided PDF versions of the important documents here, which should print much more reliably. Note that the Entry Form here is NOT the online one, but is a copy of the paper one, and should be used if you prefer to hand write your entry forms.

To read these documents, you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader. If you haven't already got a copy of this free software (and many people will already have it installed), you can get it directly from the Adobe website