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Last Year's Winner

Tony Janetta and Lee Carter on their way to winning the 2002 Armstrong Massey Rally at Leconfield. Photograph by AML Photography ©2002

Sunday 4th July 2004

The Larkspeed League

Kent Cams Northern Stage Rally Championship

The Roadrunner Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship



The Armstrong Massey Rally 2004 is a single venue stage rally on Melbourne Airfield, near York.

The event comprises around 8 stages of about 6½ miles each on a mixture of loose and broken surfaces on this former airfield site.

Competitors and service crew will be welcome to camp on the airfield on the Saturday night, so you can make it into a social event as well. See SR.34 for information about camping.

The primary source of information for this event is this website. The regulations on here are definitive, and all documentation for the event is published here before paper copies are produced.

This event is one of the very few (perhaps even the only) events which takes entries directly from the website. Whilst we do still accept paper Entry Forms from those without access to the Internet, most competitors these days choose this modern method, and this allows us to acknowledge almost all entries within a few hours, and to display an up to date list of entries received.

Additionally, this event has Online Results during the event, both for the benefit of supporters watching from home, but also so that the results are available to you as soon as you return. Again, paper copies will be posted to those who request them.


The Armstrong Massey Rally 2004 is a round of the following championships:-

We hope that, once again, you will have a cracking day's motorsport at the Armstrong Massey Rally.

The Organising Team.

Previous Event Winners

YearDriver & Co-DriverCar
1984Steve Waterall & Andy HaddockFord Escort Mk 2
1985Andy Elliott & Mick DentOpel Manta
1986Kevin Kettlewell & Bill BatesTriumph TR8
1987Kim & Yvonne MatherVW Scirocco 4x4 Twin Eng
1988Richard & Charles TaylorFord Escort Mk 2
1989Alan Kirby & Carole BrownFord Escort Mk 2
1990Phil & Mick GallagherFord Escort Mk 2
1991Andy Rowe & Michael SamphirePeugeot 205 GTI 1.9
1992Alan Robson & Tom HerronFord Sierra
1993Tony Jannetta & Lee CarterFord Escort Cosworth
1994Keith Bird & Roger NevittAustin Metro 6R4
1996Martin & David RobinsonFord Sierra Cosworth
1997Nigel & Tim HobsonFord Sierra Cosworth
1998Rob & Craig BarryMitsubishi Lancer Evo 4
1999Andy Elliott & Graham WillockAustin Metro 6R4
2000Andy Elliott & Graham WillockAustin Metro 6R4
2001Tony Janetta & Lee CarterAustin Metro 6R4
2002Tony Janetta & Lee CarterAustin Metro 6R4
2003Graham Hepworth & Iain TullieVauxhall Cavalier


Supplementary Regulations

1.Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd will organise a single venue multi-use stage rally, "THE ARMSTRONG MASSEY RALLY" on Sunday 4th July 2004 at Melbourne Airfield, South East of York. (Map Reference 106/7642)
2.The meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Ltd., (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FISA), these Supplementary Regulations and any other written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.
3.MSA Permit 22205 has been issued for this event.
4.The event is open to:
a)All fully elected members of the organising clubs.
b)Members and registered championship contenders of the following:-
i)Association of Northern Car Clubs
ii)Association of North East Midland Motor Clubs
iii)Association of North East & Cumbria Car Clubs
iv)East Midland Association of Motor Clubs
5.All competitors must produce a valid competition licence, club membership card, and championship registration card (if applicable). IMPORTANT NOTE: All stage rally drivers need a 'Stage Rally National B' licence as a minimum. A 'Non Race National B' as used in previous years is no longer adequate. Also licence applications cannot now be accepted on the day of the event, so please ensure you have the correct licence.
6.The event is a round of:-
7.The programme of the meeting will be:-
Scrutineering will be on the afternoon and evening of Saturday 3rd July and on the morning of Sunday 4th July at the event venue. Individual times for scrutineering will be given in the Final Instructions and must be adhered to. Competitors are requested to indicate on the entry form their preference for scrutineering times. As scrutineering time on Sunday will be limited, preference will be given to crews whose entries are received first. Any competitor not signed on by one hour before his due start time as notified in the Final Instructions may be excluded. First car starts at approximately 09:00, and finishes at approximately 18:30.
8.The route will be defined by stage diagrams. The event will contain approximately eight stages with a total mileage of approximately 52 miles. All stages may be lapping stages, and will require cars to start at 30 second intervals. The start procedure will be as K 25.12 except that a 30 second warning will not be given. The stages will be timed to an accuracy of less than one minute in accordance with K 26.4.7, and will consist of tarmac and loose surface tracks and runways.
9.The event will consist of four classes as follows:-
Class ACars up to and including 1300cc
Class BCars over 1300cc but no more than 1600cc
Class CCars over 1600cc but no more than 2000cc
Class DCars over 2000cc
All vehicles must comply with MSA Technical Regulations and must have a current MSA log book and MOT certificate if legally required, These must be produced at scrutineering and documentation.
In order to reduce complaints and preserve the venue for future use, the organisers have decided to impose the following restriction:-
"Any vehicle which constantly backfires may be excluded. If any vehicle is modified or fitted with a device which may cause backfiring it must be disabled at all times."
10.Awards will be presented as follows:
1stOverallThe Armstrong Massey Trophy
2ndOverallThe George Coulson Trophy
3rdOverallThe Thompsons of Beverley Ltd Trophy
1stClass AThe Crest Hotel Trophy
2ndClass AThe Jane and John Fearnley Jewellers Trophy
3rdClass AThe East Riding Factors Trophy
1stClass BThe Janet Freeman Trophy
2ndClass BThe Johnsons Garage (Hedon) Trophy
3rdClass BThe Bryan Horberry Body Repairs Trophy
1stClass CThe Warrenco Trophy
2ndClass CThe Minster Cup
3rdClass CThe Westbourne Engineering Cup
1stClass DThe Steve Johnson Car Sales Trophy
2ndClass DThe Triad Trophy
3rdClass DThe Motorway (Hessle) Motorist Discount Centre Trophy
1stBDMC CrewThe BDMC Chairman's Trophy
Subject to both members of the crew being members of Beverley & District Motor Club on 1st May 2004.
1stFemale/Mixed CrewThe Kelvin Brown Goblet
Subject to there being three such crews entered.
1stEast YorkshireThe Viking Radio Trophy
Subject to both members of the crew being resident in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire.
1stLand RoverAn Award
Replicas will be presented to both crew members. Named awards remain the property of the organising clubs, and must be returned after eleven months, or earlier if requested. No competitor may win more than one award.
11.The entry list opens on publication of these regulations and closes for seeding at 10am on Saturday 26th June 2004, with late entries accepted until 10pm on 1st July 2004. The entry fee is £165 until seeding closes, and £195 thereafter. All entries must be made on an official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate fee. Payment may be made in two instalments if entry is made before seeding closes, one cheque for £75 normally dated, and one cheque for the remainder dated 28th June 2004. Both cheques must be sent with the entry form. For competitors with Internet access, entries may also be submitted via the appropriate page of the B&DMC web site (, where full instructions are given.
12.The Secretary of the Meeting to whom all entries must be sent is:
Mrs Andrea Atkinson
22 Potterdale Drive, Little Weighton, Cottingham, HU20 3UX
Telephone: 01482 876400
Fax: 01482 849213
Entries will only be accepted on receipt of a fully completed entry form (either paper or via the web site), and the entry fee. Cheques should be made payable to Beverley & District Motor Club Stages Rally. Entries may be made by fax or e-mail providing that an entry form and entry fee are posted on the same day. Entries made via the web site do not require a paper form to be posted as well.
13.The maximum entry for the meeting is 80, plus 10 reserves. The minimum is 50. The maximum and minimum for each class is open. Should the minimum figure not be reached, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the meeting.
Entries will be selected in order of receipt. Competitors will be seeded according to past performance. Competitors numbers will not be modified once published.
Any entries withdrawn before 10am on 26th June will be refunded in full. Entries withdrawn after this date will only be refunded if the entry is filled by a reserve. Notice of withdrawal of an entry may only be made by post, fax or e-mail to the Secretary of the Meeting. Should the event for whatever reason be cancelled, all entry fees will be refunded.
14.Other officials are:
Club StewardsSteve Smith (Whitby)
Amanda Smith
Clerk of the CourseMatthew AtkinsonTel: 01482 876400
Deputy Clerk of the Course/
Chief Timekeeper/
Safety Officer
Graeme PotterTel: 01482 708790
Press OfficerHoward Everingham
Chief MarshalTim RodgersTel: 07787 538524
Equipment OfficersNeil Sargent
Ian Gibbins
Stage CommandersMike Petch
Ian Sargent
Chief Medical OfficerStuart Gwilt
Rescue UnitStoke Rescue
Recovery UnitBurr Bank Recovery
Chief ScrutineerJim Kilmartin
Assistant ScrutineerDave Cowie
Environmental ScrutineerPat Cunningham
Radio ControllerJohn Smales
15.Provisional results will be published as soon as possible following the end of the event, on the official notice board, and a copy will be available on the Beverley & DMC website
16.Any protest must be lodged in accordance with O 5.
17.Entrants will be supplied with a Road Book and Time Cards at signing on.
These documents will provide all the information necessary to enable competitors to comply with K 25. The road book will contain a description of the stages. The stage routes will also be marked with arrows and if there is any discrepancy the arrows will be considered correct. No protest will be accepted based upon any differences.
18.Competitors will be identified by competition numbers on each front door, and by rally plates on the front and back of the car. These will all be provided by the organisers. All identification must be removed immediately following retirement, and at the end of the event.
Competitors' attention is drawn to the definition of Competition Numbers in E 11.3.11.
19.Marking and penalties will be as printed in K 31 plus the following offences which carry the penalty of exclusion:-
a)Short-cutting as defined in SR 24.
b)Depositing of litter by crew or service crew.
c)Making a mark on a time card, except where specifically allowed.
d)Making excessive sound other than when driving on a special stage.
e)Driving at more than 15mph other than on a special stage.
f)Competitors or service crew anywhere other than where instructed.
h)Excessive backfiring (See S.R.9)
20.Checks will be established during the event to monitor sound. Cars failing the sound test will not be permitted to continue unless satisfactory repairs are made.
21.To be classed as a finisher a crew must visit all controls within their maximum lateness in the vehicle in which they started the event, submit a damage declaration form, and have not incurred a penalty of exclusion. Crews who retire will be required to submit a damage declaration form to the Secretary of the Meeting before they leave the venue. Any crew which does not submit a damage declaration form within 72 hours of the end of the event will be liable for a fine of £100, and will be reported to the MSA. Maximum lateness will be 10 minutes.
22.Should the organisers deem it fairer, a stage's times may be excluded from the official results.
All official times and distances are deemed to be correct.
23.All named officials are appointed Judges of Fact to report on all rule infringements. Additionally, Judges of Fact will be appointed to report on the following infringements, and lists of these judges will be held at Rally HQ.
Failure to comply with S.R. 19False start on a stage
Possession of pace notesMisuse of SOS/OK boards
Unauthorised servicingSmoking on a special stage
Wearing of crash helmets or seat beltsTaking the incorrect route on a stage
24.Short-cutting is defined as:- The driving of a competing vehicle such that one or more wheels comes into contact with the verge at either side of the stage or access road, in such a way that is not as the organisers intended. The definition applies during the entire time the vehicle is at the venue.
25.Servicing will be permitted between stages, though not necessarily between every stage.
26.Spectators will not be permitted, except as part of a service crew.
27.There will be a specific area set aside where service crews will be able to view the event action. Other than this area, competitors and their service crews are not permitted to visit the stage apart from when competing. Specifically, anyone found walking or cycling on the stage will result in the exclusion of the crew.
28.Tyres will be as permitted by standard MSA Regulations. Note that slick tyres are now not permitted on rallies.
29.Final instructions will be issued to competitors not less than two days before the event, and will have the same force as these regulations.
30.There will be takeaway catering facilities (provided by MJM Catering), an ice-cream van, and toilets in the service area.
31.The event videographers are MAD Video.
32.The event photographers are AML Photography.
33.Every year it becomes harder to persuade people to give up their valuable time to act as rally marshals, timekeepers etc. In recognition of the invaluable job that they do, this event has always made a point of saying thank you by providing something useful in return. Last time every marshal received a souvenir torch, and for 2004 we would like to do something similar. If you would like to help thank the marshals, you may like to consider making a voluntary donation to the marshals' fund along with your entry.
34.Competitors and service crew will be able to camp on the Saturday night on the airfield if they want to. We are required to let the landowner know approximate numbers camping, so if you wish to camp, please let the Entries Secretary know beforehand. E-mail (preferred) or telephone 01482 876400.