Sunday 8th July 2007

Driffield Airfield

Single Venue Stage Rally

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The Armstrong Massey Rally 2007 was a single venue stage rally on Driffield Airfield in East Yorkshire.

The event comprised 8 stages of about 6½ miles each on a mainly smooth tarmac surface on this former airfield site.

Competitors and service crew were welcome to camp on the airfield on the Saturday night, this making it into a social event as well.

The primary source of information for this event is this website. The documents on here are definitive and are published here before paper copies are produced.

This event was one of the first events which started taking entries over the Internet. Whilst we do still accept paper Entry Forms from those without access to the Internet, most competitors these days choose this modern method, and this allows us to acknowledge almost all entries within a few hours, and to display an up to date list of entries received.

Additionally, this event has Online Results during the event, both for the benefit of supporters watching from home, but also so that the results are available to you as soon as you return. Again, paper copies will be posted to those who request them.

The Armstrong Massey Rally 2007 is a round of the Yorkshire League

STOP PRESS: The Armstrong Massey Rally 2007 is now a round of The S G PETCH ANECCC Stage Rally Championship 2007

We hope that, once again, you will have a cracking day's motorsport at the Armstrong Massey Rally.

The Organising Team.

Timetable and Document Links

28th May Regulations, Online Entry Form and Unseeded Entry List Published
30th June 10:00 Entries close for seeding
30th June 22:00 Final Instructions and Seeded Entry List published
5th July 22:00 Last date for late entries
8th July 10:00 Results start to be published
9th July Pictures published

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