Thank you for your entry. You will be able to find your competitor number on the Entry List and your sound check time on the Sound Test / Scrutineering Time Schedule. Your start time is listed on the Start Time Schedule. Remember that you must sign on no later than 1 hour before your due start time.

The sound check, scrutineering, and signing on locations are all detailed below.

You MUST report to the sound check at the time given on the Schedule. If you are more than ten minutes early or late, the Environmental Scrutineer will refuse to perform the sound check, and you will need to contact the Entries Secretary for a new time (or if you are early, you will be able to wait until near your due time). We have operated this system in the past, and found it was very successful in reducing queues at scrutineering. If the time you have been given is not suitable, you must e-mail the Entries Secretary (Andrea Atkinson) at, or ring her on 01482-876400, and you will be issued with a new time. If you need to change your time very close to the event, contact Andrea on 07929-050485.

The Environmental Scrutineer will supply you with a Process Form, to show that you arrived on time, and to indicate that you passed the sound check. This form will also contain the information you provided when you entered the rally. Please check all the information is correct and complete, and note any changes on the form before you get to signing on.

The Environmental Scrutineer will issue you with Competition Door Numbers as soon as you've passed the sound check.

Once you have passed the sound check and attached your competition numbers, please proceed to scrutineering.

The Scrutineer will also need to sign your Process Form, as well as see your MOT certificate where appropriate. He will also need to see both helmets and sets of overalls, so please have these ready. (Note there is no need for both crew members to be present, but helmets and overalls must be).

After passing scrutineering, move to signing on. On Saturday afternoon this is in the troop shelter at the South end of the service area, with scrutineering. On Sunday morning, it's at the opposite end of the service area, in Rally HQ, which is a blue Gazebo. You must sign on straight after scrutineering, and will need to take with you competition licences, including entrant's licence if applicable, club membership cards and the Process Form when you sign on. If only one of the crew is present at signing-on, you will be given your full pack except your time cards. These will only be given once the other crew member has signed on.

You will be issued with a Rally Pack containing road book, rally plates, time cards, etc., as soon as you have successfully signed on.

The official notice board will be at signing on on Saturday, and then in Rally HQ on Sunday. Please make sure you read the notices.

Slicks Tyres will be in attendance on the event selling tyres. Please contact Andrew Knott on 0114 247 0485 or to order any tyres you might need.

Colin Dunsthorne from CJ Rallying will be at scrutineering on Saturday with his usual array of spares. Contact Colin at

A note about MSA Competition Licence Rules

Competitors are reminded of the MSA Licence Rules. Firstly, drivers must be in possession of a valid signed licence in order to be allowed to sign on. Valid licences are a Stage Rally or a Rally International Licence. These are no longer allowed to be applied for at the event. However, Co-Drivers are still allowed to use a Non-Race National B licence, and we are able to accept a fully completed application form for this licence instead of a licence at signing on.

Changes to Supplementary Regulations

SR14 - Mark Cresswell is now Deputy Chief Marshal.


Unfortunately, some of the trophies listed in the regulations have not been returned by previous winners, and so we cannot award them. There will therefore be no named trophies awarded to 3rd in each Class, though there will still be an award and replicas. The other trophies may be re-arranged from the list presented in the regulations, and a new list will be posted on the Official Notice Board during the event.

Procedure for Stage Starts

We will be using fully electronic equipment for both start and finish. Therefore the start will be controlled by start lights, and a jump start detection beam. Competitors should note that jump starts will be detected electronically, and ALL jump starts, however small, will result in a jump start penalty being applied.

At the time of writing these instructions, we are intending to run the first two stages at minute intervals in order to minimise dust problems, and then the other six stages will be run at 30 second intervals. The Road Book which will be issued at signing-on will contain the procedures for both minute and 30 second starts.

Results Live on the Internet

Competitors are reminded that the Beverley & DMC website at will contain LIVE results from the event as it progresses, (technology permitting!) We hope this will prove useful to friends and families, sponsors, press contacts etc.

Application of Penalty of Exclusion

There has been some controversy on recent events regarding competitors being prevented from attempting stages after their actions had suggested that they should be subject to the penalty of exclusion. Competitors should note that only a Clerk of the Course in person has the right to exclude a competitor. If a Clerk of the Course issues a competitor with WRITTEN notice that they are excluded, then they may not continue. Until that written notice is received, they are free to continue. The MSA regulations encourage the Clerk of the Course to allow sufficient time for competitors to discuss such a penalty in a calm manner, and therefore it is likely that such discussions would only be able to take place at the end of the event. It is therefore highly unlikely that a penalty of exclusion would be applied during the event, unless a serious offence has been committed.

Stage Surfaces

Most of the stage surface is concrete or tarmac, or at least it started life like that. The loose surface areas used on previous events are not being used this year. However, there are a number of areas on the stages where there are significant potholes. We will therefore be issuing the following information in the Road Book:-


Free camping on the venue is available to all competitors, service crew and marshals on the Saturday night. Campers should be self-sufficient in water, though there will be chemical toilets on-site.

Any competitor person found on any part of the venue other than the camping area, even if on foot, will be refused a start. (S.R. 19.f applies). Note that officials will be present on the airfield during the night and will report back to the Clerk of the Course on any infringements.

Venue Access

Access to the venue is available from the start of scrutineering on Saturday until 8am on Sunday morning. After that, access will only be possible between each pair of stages, and at the end of the event. All access is via the A614 at 106 or 107/001560½, which is shown as 'In/Out' on the attached plan. Competitors may leave cars, vans or trailers on the airfield overnight on Saturday, at their own risk.


Should you feel the need to contact us, please use the following:-

Entries SecretaryAndrea AtkinsonMobile 07929 050485
Clerk of the Course (HQ)Matthew AtkinsonMobile 07970 264094
BothHome Phone01482-876400
Pre-Event Plan