Thank you for your entry, which we confirm has been accepted. Please aim to arrive at the start venue, Brantingham Park (Map Reference 942286) from 8:30 where tea and coffee and bacon butties will be available to purchase.

Your start number is shown on the attached entry list, and your start time is 10:00 hours plus your start number.

    1. Proceed to the sound test as shown on the attached diagram. The Environmental Scrutineer will provide you with a Scrutineering sheet and will sign this to confirm that you car has passed the sound test.
    2. After successfully passing the sound test, proceed to scrutineering again where your car will be checked to make sure it meets the blue book requirements. Note that you will require your MOT certificate if applicable.
    3. Upon obtaining the Scrutineers. approval, please park where indicated on the diagram and proceed to documentation in the rugby club taking with you the following:
      1. Completed Scrutineering card
      2. Your Insurance details if not using the Locktons scheme
      3. Your club cards will be handed out at signing on
    4. After signing on, you will be issued with your rally pack. (Rally Plates will be in your pack.)
    1. Cars competing in rallies other than special stage rallies may not carry a radio-transmitting device (R7.2.3). Mobile phones may be carried for use in an emergency only.
    The measured mile starts at 934284 and proceeds in a north north easterly direction to 929299½. There is also a measured mile in the opposite direction from the same references to check your trip meters
  4. FUEL
    Fuel is available at South Cave Service Station map reference 928302. You will pass this on 3 occasions during the event and will be specified in the road book. Fuel will also be available on the route and will also be specified in the route book.
  5. The organisers hope that you have an enjoyable event and look forward to seeing you at the start and more importantly at the end of the event.
  6. Amendments to ASRs
    ASR8 - Due to the low entry classes have been amalgamated as follows: -
    H1 to H4 have been amalgamated to Class H1
    ASR9 - Awards will be amended as follows
    1st OverallThe Armstrong Massey Trophy
    1st in Class H1An Award
    2nd in Class H1An Award
    1st in Class H5An Award
    1st in Class M6An Award
    2nd in Class M6An Award

    Awards will go to both crew members
Start Venue Diagram