27th March 2011



We are grateful to Armstrong Massey, York, for continuing to sponsor our event.

The event will contain a mixture of tests all on private land and regularity sections timed to the second.


Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd. would like to thank the following:

Web Site

The Beverley & District Motor Club web-site at www.bdmc.org.uk is the primary source for information about this event. It holds definitive versions of all official documentation issued before the event, as well as results.

The website is also the most popular way to enter the event, and as before allows you to pay the entry fee online using a Credit or Debit card via Paypal.

There will also be an un-seeded entry list published as entries are received and a seeded list once the entries have been seeded.

Results will also be posted on the web site during the event, and at the end, usually within a few minutes of the time cards being collected. This will allow family and friends to be able to see how you're doing during the day.



    Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd. will promote a Clubman Historic Road Rally, the Armstrong Massey Wolds Historic Rally, on Sunday 27th March 2020.


    The event will be held under the general regulations of the MSA (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting code of the FISA), these supplementary regulations and any written instructions the promoting club may issue for the event.


    MSA Permit number 61349 has been issued. Authorisation of a Motoring Event on the Public Highway will be posted on the official notice board. This official notice board will be on display at the start and the finish venue in Driffield Rugby Club.


    The event is open to fully elected members of the Beverley and District Motor Club, and any of the following clubs, Aberdeen and District MC, Berwick & DMC, Border Ecosse CC, Durham AC, Hawick & Borders CC, Hexham & DMC, Ilkley & DMC, Kirkby Lonsdale MC, Morecombe CC, Saltire Rally Club, Stockton & DMC, Wigton MC, Whickham & DMC, Whitby & DMC and York MC. All entrants must produce a valid Club Membership Card for inspection when signing on.

    Competition Licences are not required for this event.

    The results will be included in the NESCRO Winter Challenge series for 2011.


    Drivers must ensure that they have Third Party insurance for the event. See ASR 22 for further details. Cars must also be taxed where applicable. Cars will be identified by numbers, fixed to each side of the vehicle, to be supplied by the organisers. These must be removed or covered after retirement from or at the conclusion of the event.


    Noise tests will commence at 08:30 prior to Scrutineering at Driffield Airfield (map reference 106/001560½, nearest Post Code YO25 9LH) and then documentation. All competitors must be signed on by 09:30. Any competitor not signed on by this time may be excluded. The first car will start from MTC1 at 10:00 with subsequent cars at one-minute intervals. The total mileage will be approximately 60 miles on public roads. We will provide a marked map showing the route of the regularities, but if you want to use your own map then OS 1:50000 map 106 will be required.

    The finish will be at Driffield Rugby Club (Map Reference 106/015561½, Post Code YO25 9DW) where an evening meal will be provided. These are included in your entry fee and are available by producing a ticket, which will be given out at documentation.

  7. ROUTE

    The route will be defined by a Road Book which will give competitors comprehensive information to follow the intended route. This may include pre printed ordnance survey maps which will show the intended route of the regularity sections. Tests may not be walked prior to your commencement of the test; a penalty of a test maximum will be applied per test walked.

    Class H1Cars manufactured upto 1967 under 1500 cc
    Class H2Cars manufactured upto 1967 over 1500 cc
    Class H3Cars manufactured between 1968 and 1974 under 1500cc
    Class H4Cars manufactured between 1968 and 1974 over 1500cc
    Class H5Cars manufactured between 1975 and 1981
    Class M6Cars manufactured during or after 1982

    It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle complies with the technical regulations for the class they enter. Applications will be made to the MSA to accept entries from cars registered between 1968 and 1981 with;

    1More than four cylinders
    2More than one camshaft
    3More than two carburettor chokes

    Competitors whose cars meet the above, must advise the entries secretary either on their application form or via email.


    Awards will be presented as follows:

    1st OverallThe Armstrong Massey Trophy
    1st in each classAn Award
    2nd in each classAn Award (subject to 5 entries in the class)
    3rd in each classAn Award (subject to 8 entries in the class)

    Cars manufactured after the end of 1974 will not be eligible for the 1st overall award.

    N.B. Replicas will be supplied with all awards and will go to each crew member.

    No person may win more than one award. Awards will be presented after the results have been declared final. Trophies must be returned to the promoting club one month before the next event or earlier if so requested.


    Entries open on publication of the regulations and close for seeding at 1pm on 19th March 2011. The entry fee is £80 and includes lunch and an evening meal for each competitor. All entries must be made on the official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Entries will be accepted by web entry, post, fax or by hand providing that the entry fee is paid within 7 days. Entries will not be officially accepted until payment is received.. Late entries may be accepted after the closing date at the organisers' discretion. These will not appear on the entry list sent out with final instructions, but will be updated on the website, and a final entry list will be displayed on the Official Notice Board when all the competitors have signed on.

    Entries made on the web-site will be offered the opportunity of paying with a Credit or Debit card, using Paypal. This option will incur an additional fee of 4%, in order to cover the processing cost of this option.

    Entry fees will be refunded in full if the entry is withdrawn before entries close for seeding. Entries withdrawn after seeding will be refunded subject to an administration fee of £5.00. Cheques will not be paid into our bank account until Monday 21st March 2011.

    The maximum entry for the meeting is 60. The minimum is 20. The minimum for each class is 3. Should any of the above minimum figures not be reached the organisers have the right to cancel the meeting or amalgamate the classes as necessary.


    The Entries Secretary to whom all entries must be sent is:

    Mrs Andrea Atkinson
    22 Potterdale Drive, Little Weighton, Cottingham HU20 3UX
    Tel: 01482 876400
    Fax: 01482 240480

    Club StewardHoward Everingham
    Clerk of the Course 01482 708790
    Deputy Clerks of the Course
    Chief Marshal 01482 876400
    07970 264094
    Chief TimekeeperLloyd Walker
    Chief ScrutineerJim Kilmartin
    Environmental ScrutineerPaul Hewer
    Results of www.rallies.info

    Provisional results will be published as soon as possible following the end of the event. Ties will be decided by furthest cleanest in all tests and regularity sections.


    Protests must be lodged in accordance with C5


    Competitors will be supplied with Route Instructions and Time Cards at signing on.


    Penalties will be as R13 plus the following additional penalties:-

    ATime taken to complete the testTest minimum 1 penalty per second up to the test maximum
    BStriking a cone/marker during a test10 seconds
    CFailing to stop astride a line10 seconds
    DJump start10 seconds
    ENot completing a test correctlyTest Maximum
    FNot attempting or completing a testTest Maximum
    GWalking a test prior to attempting in the vehicleTest Maximum
    HStopping in sight of a regularity control60 seconds


    E will not apply if you make a mistake on a test and pass a cone/marker incorrectly and you retrace your steps. However once you have passed two consecutive cones/markers you will incur the penalty.


    All other regulations of the MSA apply as written except for the following, which are modified:

    R7.2.3Mobile telephones may be carried for the purposes of emergencies only

    Final Instructions will be posted on the website in the week before the event and have the same effect as these regulations. They will also be posted to crews who request paper documentation.


    Cars will be scrutinised in accordance with the appropriate MSA Technical Regulations. The scrutineering sheet will be given out at the Sound Check.


    All marshals and officials of the event will be appointed Judges of Fact for observing false starts, correct route on a test and striking cones as desribed in ASR 16


    Controls will open 20 minutes before the first car. Maximum lateness will be 30 minutes.

    Controls will be designated one of the following:

    MTCMain Time Controls located at the start and finish, and during the event, that competitors MUST visit, timed to the previous whole minute.
    TSControl at the start of a test. The marshal will count you down
    TFControl at the end of a test timed to the previous whole second.
    RSCControl at the start of a regularity section. These may be self start when you are required to enter your start time on your timecard.
    IRTCSControl in the middle of a regularity section timed to the previous whole second.
    RFCSControl at the end of a regularity section timed to the previous whole second


    To be classified as a finisher, competitors must visit all main time controls (MTC's) within their maximum permitted lateness. (K20.1). Any lateness must be made up at the rest halts. Competitors will restart from the MTC after the rest halt at the scheduled time as shown on the time card plus their start number.

    There will be no road penalties apart from the regularity sections. A guide time schedule will be issued to all competitors with the road book. No competitor will be allowed to start a test until the scheduled time.


    The Club has applied to Lockton for a Blanket Cover Note under the above scheme. This will provide those competitors who need to use the scheme with third party cover to meet RTA requirements on the Road Sections of the Event. The basic rate (before loading) will be £28.67 per car.

    New applicants wishing to use the scheme must be able to complay with all points of the Lockton Declaration:-

    • Over 21 and Held a Full Licence for at least 6 months
    • No more than 1 fault accident in last 3 years
    • No more than maximum of 6 speeding points on licence
    • No physical or mental disabilities.
    • No other material facts.

    If able to comply with all points above you will simply sign the Signing on Form for Insurance - no letter of acceptance will be issued.

    If unable to comply with all points above, contact the event secretary who will send you details of how we can help arrange cover for you.


    The organisers reserve the right to cancel part or the entire event if necessary.

  25. It is now a mandatory requirement for all vehicles to carry a small spill kit. If you do not have a spill kit we can arrange one on your behalf at a cost of only £5 each. Please indicate this on your entry form. The kit will be available for you to collect on the day of the event.