Thank you for your entry, which we confirm has been accepted.

Note - This year's Beaver Rally does not start at Maple Garage, Sproatley

Your Start Number is shown on the Entry List , and your departure time from the Start Venue, Park Rose Pottery, Carnaby will be 23:00 plus your start number.

Fuel will Not be available at the Start Venue. We recommend using Armstrong Massey, Driffield at map ref 106/01955665 if travelling from the west. This will be open until 20:00

Fuel will also be available at Bridlington Service Station (24hrs) on the A165 from Scarborough at map ref. 101/17156815 and from Morrison's, Bridlington at map ref. 101/172668 until 22:00

    1. Proceed to the sound test at 101/13456380, Carnaby Industrial Estate. Approach from the ENE at 19:00 hours plus your start number. The sound test will NOT open until this time. The Environmental Scrutineer will provide you with a scrutineering sheet and damage declaration form at the sound test.
    2. After successfully passing the sound test, proceed to Inventair Fabrications for Scrutineering at 101/130636. Please follow the marshals' instructions. You will require your Scrutineering Sheet and Damage Declaration Form. This will enable the scrutineer to mark any damage at the start of the event. Note that you will require your MOT certificate if applicable.
      Note- As part of this years event is using some land owned by the Ministry of Defence, we have just been informed that all persons exiting their vehicles on this land during the hours of darkness will be required to wear Hi-Viz jackets/tabards. This is their ruling and cannot be avoided. As part of the Risk Assessment we have had to complete, all competing crews will be required to show these at Scrutineering along with their Hazard Warning Triangle.
      No crew will be able to enter a Military Venue without adhering to their regulations. Therefore, could all competitors carry at least one, preferably two Hi-Viz jackets/tabards in their vehicles. If you only have one, only one of you can get out of the car!!
      There will be Official Military employees on the venue checking!!
      Some will be available for purchase at Scrutineering.
      We are sorry for this inconvenience, but I suppose it is quite a good idea to carry them on Road events at night anyway. Thank you.
    3. Upon obtaining the Scrutineers' approval, please proceed to Park Rose Pottery at Map Reference 101/15256415 for Documentation, taking with you the following:
      • Completed Scrutineering card
      • Competition licences for both driver and navigator (or application forms)
      • Valid club membership cards
    4. After signing on, you will be issued with your rally pack. (Numbers will be in your pack.)
    5. If anyone requires their competition licence signing, please leave it at signing on, accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope or alternatively you can get this signed at the finish once the results have been declared final.
    6. Please ensure you sign any championship registration forms as you sign on.
    1. Cars competing in rallies other than special stage rallies may not carry a radio-transmitting device (K12.11). Mobile phones may be carried for use in an emergency only.
    2. In standard and regularity sections, you must stop before entering any road protected by a give way sign or any junction designated in the route instructions. In neutral or transport sections, the RLO approval has been given for you to treat these junctions in accordance with the Highway Code.
    Please refer to the regulations for the types of controls used on the event.
    Competitors are reminded that the onus of ensuring that they receive the correct time rests with them (K16.5 and K17.5 refers). This means you should ensure that marshals write the time on your card VERY CLEARLY AND LEGIBLY. The results team interpretation might be different to yours!
    Route checks will be in the form of car registration plates with not more than 5 black numbers or 5 black letters or a combination of both upto a maximum of 7, which are to be written your time cards. The time cards will indicate how many route checks there are on each section. A maximum of 2 wrong characters will be allowed without penalty providing it resembles the original code. Route checks may be on each grass triangle indicated in the route handouts. Route checks will NOT be placed off route.
    You are reminded that the police may observe the event and may use speed guns. PLEASE TAKE NOTE. Last year we had no convictions and I would like to keep it that way for future years.
    During the course of our public relations work the following points have been raised numerous times:
    1. Damage to crops/hedges without notification: damage is caused to crops by cars leaving the road and travelling across what might seem to be ploughed fields. Any competitor found to be travelling across agricultural land by a marshal, judge of fact or an official and not notifying the organisers will be excluded from the event.
    2. Competitor attitude: for example not dipping headlights, not making room for other road users, making excessive noise, not reporting damage, etc.
    The presentation of the awards will be held after the event at the finish venue assuming the results have been declared final.
    Petrol will be available at 2 points along the route.
    For those with Internet access, the results will be posted on our web site during the event, starting after the petrol halt. Our web address is

The organisers trust that you will have an enjoyable night's sport and wish you all GOOD LUCK.

Should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.