Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th November 2008

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Welcome to the 2008 Maple Garage Beaver Rally which is a round of the following championships: -

The organising team, who are, (were once!), all successful Road Rally competitors, are again planning an event that other competitors will hopefully enjoy, covering roads in the more traditional Maple Garage Beaver Rally territory. The route will be on OS Maps 106 and 107, covering approximately 150 miles, starting from the premises of our sponsor, Maple Garage, in Sproatley, for whose continued support we are most grateful.

There will be approximately 25 miles of .white. roads, many of which have not been used before, permission having been sought from many private landowners. These will be of mixed surfaces, but not entirely smooth farm tracks. As usual, these have all been traversed in a standard car, but we would still recommend sump guards for the more flamboyant competitors.

As is becoming increasingly necessary on Road Rallies, the Organisers will take care to ensure that competitors are not required to drive at excessive speeds on the public highway.

To achieve this, as some other events have already done this year, some Standard Sections may be completed with more simple navigation, acting more as link sections to the more competitive sections, some of which will be partly on private land.

Route Checks will also be used for safety, at SGW.s as we have done previously, as well as at some particular points of danger. (ie. uneven road surface, bad bend, long straight)

That is our intention, hopefully we will come close to achieving this.

Regulations and entry forms will become available here around the middle of October.

Timetable and Document Links

18 October Regulations, Online Entry Form and Unseeded Entry List Published
21 November 10:00 Entries close for seeding
21 November 22:00 Final Instructions and Seeded Entry List published
27 November Last date for late entries
30 November 01:00 Results start to be published
02 December Pictures published

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