Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th December 2010

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Maple Garage Beaver Rally Cancelled

It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the Maple Garage Beaver Rally, due to have run this weekend.

The organisers had planned an amended route, avoiding the roads with the most snow on them, but unfortunately an attempt to drive the route again this evening resulted in so many roads being impassable that there would have been no decent route left to run the event on. The recent higher temperatures and partial thaw have actually made things worse, with the thick ice on the minor roads now coated with a layer of water, reducing grip to virtually zero.

We are very sorry to have to make this decision, particularly at this late stage, but we simply didn't think we could run a safe event in the conditions.

All competitors will receive a full refund of all fees paid.


Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd is once again running the Maple Garage Beaver Rally. It will be a round of the PJ Parts ANCC, EMAMC AB Motorsport and C.A.R.S. ANEMMC Road Rally Road Rally Championships as usual.

The organising team are again planning an event that other competitors will enjoy, this year covering roads back in the traditional Maple Garage Beaver Rally territory.

The route will be using OS Maps 100, 101, 106 & 107, covering approximately 160 miles, starting from Maple Garage, Sproatley, HU11 4NA, map reference 107/203350.

There will be approximately 10 miles of 'white' roads, some of which will be 'Test' style. They will be simple, safe and obvious in format, no reversing, with the odd observed loop around a cone or two!

Don't worry; all will be clear on the night!! Trust us!

These 'whites' will be of mixed surfaces, but not entirely smooth tracks.

As usual, these have all been traversed in a standard car, but would still recommend sump guards for the more flamboyant competitors.

As competitors from the last two or three years will know, a lot of effort has been made each year to listen and learn what you all (and we!!) want from an Event. More importantly, what you don't want. The Navigation will be straightforward, without anything you could call a 'trick'. I hope you enjoy this year even more, I think we will, again!!

As is becoming increasingly necessary on Road Rallies, the Organisers will take care to ensure that competitors are not required to drive at excessive speeds on the public highway.

Route Checks will also be used for safety, at SGW's as we have done previously, as well as at some particular points of danger. (i.e. uneven road surface, bad bend, long straight)

That is our intention; hopefully we will come close to achieving this.

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