Thanks to the efforts of our 2000 Larkspeed League competitors, the Armstrong Massey Rally 2001 is a round of the Larkspeed League. The usual prize money is on offer in 2001, with the Armstrong Massey Rally doubling the prize fund from Larkspeed if we end up in the top ten.

2001 Larkspeed League events:-

125th FebruarySporting Escort OwnersAutotestLeeds Football Club
This event was competed in by Howard Everingham alone, who came 2nd out of 8 in class, scored 85 points, and started us off at 8th in the league
229th AprilYorkshire Sports CarAutotestBradford
Another autotest which Howard Everingham competed in alone, and another 2nd in class, but out of 12 this time. This gained us 93.3 points, 8th in the event again, and 8th overall in the league.
320th MayAiredale & PennineAutotestHartshead Moor Services
Edward Button joined Howard Everingham for this event, but unfortunately came last in his class of 4, gaining us 10 points. Howard faired a little better, coming 4th out of 7, and scoring 52.8 points. This made us 9th club on the day, and dropped us to 9th overall as well.
416th JuneNorth HumbersideSingle Venue Stage RallyManby
This event saw three crews out competing, all in class 2, a class of 17 cars. Highest scorers were Paul Hutchings/Ian Kirk, coming 10th and getting 51.2 points, followed by Carl and Joanne Briggs at 12 position and scoring 39.4 points. Bringing up the rear were Michael Lund and Peter Quinlan in 15th place, and scoring 21.8 points. This put us 4th on the event, yet left our overall position unchanged at 9th overall.
58th JulyBeverleySingle Venue Stage RallyLeconfield
Our own Armstrong Massey Rally saw us field a full team of five crews for the league, and this paid off, as we were easily the highest scoring club on the event. The best scoring crew of the day were Ian Joel/Graham Wood, who came 3rd in class D out of 34, and scored 101.2 points. They were closely followed by Dave Twilton/Richard Vincent who were 3rd out of 25, and scored 98 points. Our third scoring crew were Andy Rowe/Neil Holland, 4th out of 25, and scoring 94 points. The two non-scoring crews were not far behind either, with Gerry Killmurray/Lorne Fraser 6th out of 32, with 91.3 points, and Andy Carter/Tim Rodgers 5th out of 25, on 90 points. The effect of this amazing score was to catapult us from 9th to 4th overall in the league.
619th AugustIlkleyAutotestBradford
Following two stage rallies with multiple entries, it was back to Howard Everingham's lone effort again for this autotest. For the first time this year, Howard managed to get 1st in class (out of 5), which gave us 90 points, 7th club on the day. However, other high scoring clubs made us drop down to 6th overall.
79th SeptemberTrackrod/KeighleySingle Venue Stage RallyMelbourne
It was back to a team effort for this event, with four crews from Beverley entered. Top of the list were Andy Carter and Lisa Bennett, coming first in their class of 16, and gaining us 103.8 points. Hot on their heels were Carl Briggs and Mike Kilgour at third in the same class, scoring 91.3 points. The crews of Paul Hutchings/Peter Quinlan and Ian Kirk/Dave Lowson failed to finish, and scored 5 points each. This made us 5th club on the event, and moved us back up two places to fourth overall.
816th SeptemberYorkAutotestTockwith Driver Training Centre
This event was back to a lone effort by Howard Everingham again, with Howard as usual coming first in class, and scoring 95.7 points because of that. This made us 7th on the event, and left us fifth in the league.
930th SeptemberSheffield & HallamshireAutotest 
Another lone showing by Howard Everingham and a customary first in class saw us gaining 98.8 points, making us 7th club on the event, and again leaving us fifth in the league.
104th NovemberAlwoodleyAutotestMelbourne Airfield
Yet another solo effort by Howard Everingham, who came third in class, gaining us 82.7 points and putting us 9th on the event. Unfortunately, a slightly stronger showing by North Humberside made them overtake us to leave us sixth in the league overall.

Who scored what

Howard Everingham8593.352.8  90 95.798.882.7598.3£74.91
Andy Carter    (45) 51.9   96.9£12.13
Carl Briggs   19.7  45.65   65.35£8.18
Lisa Bennett      51.9   51.9£6.50
Ian Joel    50.6     50.6£6.34
Graham Wood    50.6     50.6£6.34
Dave Twilton    49     49£6.14
Richard Vincent    49     49£6.14
Andy Rowe    47     47£5.88
Neil Holland    47     47£5.88
Gerry Kilmurray    (45.65)     45.65£5.72
Lorne Fraser    (45.65)     45.65£5.72
Mike Kilgour      45.65   45.65£5.72
Tim Rodgers    (45)     45£5.63
Paul Hutchings   25.6  5   31.6£3.96
Ian Kirk   25.6  5   31.6£3.96
Joanne Briggs   19.7      19.7£2.47
Peter Quinlan   10.9  5   15.9£1.99
Michael Lund   10.9      10.9£1.36
Edward Button  10       10£1.25
Dave Lowson      5   5£0.63
Club Total8593.362.8112.4293.290200.195.798.882.71214£176.85

Scores in brackets are ones which didn't count for Larkspeed totals as there were more than three scoring crews. These points will still count for prize money distribution however.